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Kitchen reforms

Mad Proyect s.l. is responsible for carrying out the work of your new kitchen or kitchen reform offering the highest quality and service, guaranteeing all our work.

Customer service and quality construction are our letter of introduction. We offer spacious and clean minimalist kitchen designs, which enhance the beauty of the space taking care of every detail.

Do you want to reform your kitchen in Mallorca? You will not regret it

We adapt to you, we adapt to your style

All kitchen reform projects that we do are tailored and fully customized so they depend on the requirements and, of course, the characteristics of the kitchen we are going to reform.

Each kitchen and each space is unique so we work on each kitchen design project individually. We design the kitchen according to the client’s tastes and based on the space where we have to install it. We adapt your new kitchen to any style and space, we are specialists in design of small, rustic, modern kitchens

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Kitchens for all tastes

What is your style of cooking?

Modern kitchens

If you want a kitchen with a minimalist and modern concept, in our company of reforms in Mallorca we help you to get a kitchen with space with clean lines and a current decoration.

Rustic kitchens

In case you prefer a more rustic style, Mad Proyect will help you design the kitchen you have always wanted, taking care of all the details, from the kitchen furniture to the hardware and handles.

Classic kitchens

Classic kitchens never go out of fashion, if you are looking for a kitchen with a classic but updated style in Mad Proyect we provide you with the keys to create the design of your new kitchen.

American kitchens

For lovers of open spaces we have the perfect solution to create the perfect American kitchen. If this is your style, do not hesitate to trust Mad Proyect to reform your kitchen.

Everything we must take into account before starting a kitchen reform

The kitchen reform is one of the most laborious of those that can be faced in the home. The work can be partial or total. If it is the second case, it can be complicated. And so that everything goes well, we provide some tips that should be taken into account.



Before starting, the changes to be made must be clear. Carefully study the materials, the colors… After that, you have to think about the structural changes, such as demolition, removal of partitions or preparation of ceilings, walls and floors.


Plumbing and electrical

If the house is more than 15 years old, it is advisable to carry out an inspection to check the condition of the pipes and electrical wiring. If it is completely renovated, it is advisable to change them to ensure that the renovation will last for many years and we will not have problems in the future.



The choice of countertop is a complicated task when designing a kitchen. To choose one or the other we must value aesthetics, durability, use and economy.

Within the wide variety of options you can choose between: Quartz countertops, granite countertops or stratified countertops.


Kitchen furniture

The furniture you have always dreamed of for your kitchen with island, rustic kitchen, modern kitchen… We work with the best specialists in the design of kitchen furniture, selecting the elements that complement them perfectly as the countertop, table, kitchen chairs… We take care of providing you with a completely customized kitchen design and decoration adapted to your tastes.


Tiles and flooring

If an integral work is carried out, tiles and flooring must be replaced. This way we will get a completely new room. It is important to take into account the space and the light that is available as they will give us the keys to select the perfect tile or pavement for the decoration of your kitchen.


The best equipment

Mad Proyect S.L. is formed by great professionals with extensive experience. It includes architects, engineers, interior designers and technicians. Our multidisciplinary character allows us to advance in the optimization of time, ensuring a continuous service to customers in the different phases and areas of the project in kitchens reforms in Palma de Mallorca.

Our work


Construction of new kitchens and kitchen renovations.

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