Integral reforms

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Do you need to carry out an integral reform?

Making a integral reform is something very important and that you have to think very well, since it requires economic investment with the expectations of obtaining an ideal result. In Mad Proyect, as a company of integral reforms, we have extensive experience in the design, planning and execution of all types of integral reforms in Mallorca.

We plan the integral reform from start to finish according to your needs and we will accompany you throughout the process and inform you of the progress of the work.

We carry out all types of integral reforms in Palma de Mallorca

Whether you are thinking of reforming your home, commercial premises or offices, Mad Proyect can carry out any type of integral reform.

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Customised design

Complete refurbishment of houses

Carrying out a comprehensive reform of a home is a very important step that is very exciting, but it must be planned and designed correctly, since it will be the place where you will live for many years. In order to obtain the best results, what we do at Mad Proyect in the face of a comprehensive housing reform project is:
  • Meet with the client to find out what their needs are and what they have in mind
  • Based on this, we design and plan the comprehensive reform and prepare a budget
  • Once the budget is approved, we begin with the reform with an accompaniment throughout the process.
One of our advantages is that we have suppliers and collaborators that allow us to offer a comprehensive service to the client when carrying out the reform. In other words, the client can choose all the materials used in tiling, design, tiles, type of floor…, with us without having to go to different suppliers to choose it. This allows us to save a large amount of time when carrying out comprehensive home reforms, since we better control the entire flow and also reduce the completion times of the work.

Integral refurbishment of commercial premises

¿Está pensando en darle un aire nuevo a su negocio? Actualmente un negocio que no sabe adaptarse a los cambios de las tendencias y demandas del mercado puede quedarse anticuado y perder clientela.

Por ello, desde Mad Proyect ofrecemos un servicio de reforma integral de locales comerciales en Palma de Mallorca con el objetivo de adaptar el diseño de su negocio a la tendencia actual pero sin perder la esencia del mismo.

Plantear una reforma integral de un local comercial le ayudará a:

  • Dar un lavado de cara a su local, actualizando el diseño y adaptándose a las nuevas tendencias
  • Podrá mejorar la productividad de sus trabajadores y la estancia de sus clientes en su negocio
  • Podrá adaptarse a las nuevas tecnologías, automatizando algún proceso que le haga ahorrar costes.

Una vez planteado el diseño y la planificación, le presentaremos un presupuesto y si lo aprueba nos pondremos manos a la obra para ejecutar la reforma integral de su local comercial.

Current spaces
Pleasant working spaces

Reforma de oficina integral

También nos dedicamos a realizar reformas integrales en oficinas. ¿Busca ofrecer un mejor espacio de trabajo a sus empleados, ahorrar costes, mejorar la productividad y el entorno de trabajo?

Con una reforma de su oficina podrá conseguir todos estos objetivos. En función de las necesidades que tenga y el espacio de trabajo que tengamos que reformar realizaremos una diseño y planificación de la reforma de tal manera que cumpla con sus expectativas.

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Integral reforms of dwellings, flats, houses, premises and offices.

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If you are interested in carrying out an integral reform on the island of Palma de Mallorca, whether for a house, commercial premises or offices, Mad Proyect can help you. Contact us, tell us what you need and we will give you an estimate without obligation.