Bathroom reforms palma de mallorca

Bathroom reforms

Do you want to renovate your bathroom in Mallorca? Make the most of it

In a housing reform, the bathroom is a part of the house that is most often reformed. In Mad Proyect, we make bathroom reforms in Mallorca of any size. Make the bathroom design, and then capture it with the reform is important because the final finish should be practical as well as pleasant, besides getting fit the elements that are needed in this space, which is usually (as a rule) the smallest room of the home and, on the other hand, the busiest.

Diseñe y reforme en el cuarto de baño con los mejores interioristas

Other professionals will help us look for the best wall and floor coverings, all matching a style (from classic to modern, but also eclectic and minimalist). The search for the best interior design for a bathroom is a personal one – never pass up the opportunity to have an attractive bathroom!

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Everything we must take into account before starting a bathroom reform

The bathroom reform is one of the most laborious of those that can be faced in the home. The work can be partial or total. If it is the second case, it can be complicated. And so that everything goes well, we provide some tips that should be taken into account.



Before starting, the changes to be made must be clear. Carefully study the materials, the colors… After that, you have to think about the structural changes, such as demolition, removal of partitions or preparation of ceilings, walls and floors.



If the house is more than 15 years old, it is advisable to carry out an inspection to see how the pipes are. If it is completely renovated, it is advisable to change them to avoid having to raise the entire bathroom again a few years later.


Shower tray or bathtub

Nowadays, most homes, for space reasons, opt for a shower tray.


Sanitary ware and furniture

The market provides multiple models, sizes and shapes. It is not easy to choose, especially in small bathrooms. You have to measure the whole environment and then choose one model or another.


Walls and floors

If an integral work is carried out, tiles and flooring must be replaced. This way we will get a completely new room, choosing the materials and decoration that you want. We must also take into account that, after the works, cleaning tasks must be carried out.


The best equipment

Mad Proyect S.L. is formed by great professionals with extensive experience. It includes architects, engineers, interior designers and technicians. Our multidisciplinary character allows us to advance in the optimization of time, ensuring a continuous service to customers in the different phases and areas of the project in bathroom reforms in Palma de Mallorca.

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Construction of new bathrooms and bathroom renovations.

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