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Do you need to renovate your facade?

Walls and facades are susceptible to damage due to the weather and the passing of the years. In addition in Mallorca the facades suffer a lot and wear out due to the great humidity that there is in the island, for that reason it is necessary to rehabilitate the facade.

We restore the facade of your building so that it looks like the first day, avoiding possible security problems due to the detachment of elements.

We carry out all types of wall renovations or façade rehabilitation.

In Mad Proyect we have a multidisciplinary team with a lot of experience that allows us to carry out all kinds of vertical works on facades or walls. In addition, we have the corresponding permits and insurances to reform your facade with total security for your peace of mind.

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Vertical works

To be considered

Depending on the type of house where you have to rehabilitate the facade you will have to take into account some aspects.

Keep in mind that we can not always do what we want with the facades. Depending on the town hall the regulations change, and if it is an old house that you want to restore, possibly there are elements that you must conserve and restore, and also manage the permissions with the local administration and that of your autonomous community so that they give you the pertinent licenses.

The facades, together with the roofs, form the building envelope, protecting everyone and everything inside.

Small repairs in facades

. We solve any damage caused by installations on the facade such as: the installation of gas pipes, repair of downspouts or removal of signs or illuminated signs. These repairs help to avoid premature deterioration of the facade and maintain its aesthetics as the first day.

Facade repair

. We perform all types of facade repairs such as fixing and replacement of cladding, sealing joints, repairing cracks or concrete regeneration.
We offer a complete professional service of facade rehabilitation to comply with the Technical Inspection of Buildings or ITE (mandatory by law).
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Rehabilitation of facades with dampness

The most frequent problems of dampness in the facades are those produced by factors such as: the porosity of the construction materials, the superficial texture of the coating used in the facade, extensive dimensions of the facade…, which thanks to capillarity and filtration processes cause a series of cracks in the facade, which in extreme cases can affect the interior of the houses of the building, in addition to the uncomfortable and unsightly stains on the facade.

There are several actions that can be performed in the rehabilitation of facades with moisture:


Application of waterproofing products that increase resistance to the penetration of external water and the escape of internal humidity.

Coating with waterproofing paints

Use of water vapor permeable decorative paints that facilitate the transpiration of the support.

Chemical barrier formation

Against rising damp. Creation of chemical barriers that prevent rising damp by capillarity through the use of water-repellent products.

Thermal insulation inside

Injection of insulating products inside the air chamber.

External thermal insulation

It is the right solution if, in addition to rehabilitating a damp façade, the thermal performance of the façade needs to be improved.

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Facade rehabilitation and wall rehabilitation

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