Civil works

Beauty, quality and efficiency

Civil works in Mallorca: beauty, quality and efficiency

As a company that offers civil works services in Mallorca we are specialists in works with guarantees and successful satisfaction. Undoubtedly, the most advisable thing to do is always to hire a serious and responsible group that, in addition, has a large portfolio of executed projects that attest to the quality of their work.

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Everything we must take into account before starting a civil work

Undertaking a civil work project, from the conception and preparation of the project to the execution of the different construction tasks and final finishes, requires a well-coordinated multidisciplinary team. To ensure the smooth flow of the entire process until the completion of the work.



This team must be fully capable of guaranteeing the highest quality of the work and the fulfilment of the goals set. Both in terms of the project execution time and the costs associated with it. This is why it must be made up entirely of highly qualified personnel in their respective specialities.



The management of this staff should be in the hands of managers specialised in the optimisation of all projects and activities within a construction site. This ensures that the work is perfectly coordinated between the project area, administrative management and construction management. This facilitates the quickest and most appropriate response to any situation that may arise.


The proyect

Whether it is the interior design of a flat, a partial or complete renovation of a villa or the construction of a luxury villa from scratch, there is one aspect that is a constant in every case. That of knowing and attending to both the needs and the possibilities of the client.

Only in this way can the designer conceive a project that, in addition to meeting the highest quality and all the requirements made by the client, is viable in economic terms.


The workforce

In addition to using the best materials and products available on the market, the execution of a guaranteed job always requires the valuable assistance of a team of people who are highly committed to the project. And also with the knowledge and skills required to offer, as is our custom, the best results.


Experience and responsibility

Working with a qualified, serious and responsible construction company means being relieved of much of the stress involved in undertaking a construction project. At Mad Proyect S.L. we are pleased to offer our clients all our experience in civil works in Mallorca. To find out more about us, please visit our website and contact us by phone or email, we look forward to new projects!

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