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Do you need to renovate your roof or rehabilitate your deck?

Las cubiertas son lugares susceptibles de sufrir daños por las inclemencias meteorológicas. In order to keep them as healthy as possible, it is mandatory to maintain a correct waterproofing and sealing of them. This is one of the main reasons to carry out the rehabilitation of roofs and decks.

The most common problems in flat roofs are water seepage due to waterproofing defects, as well as in pitched roofs, where the roofing materials can also shift undesirably over time.

We carry out all types of roof renovations or roof rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation of roofs and ceilings, whether of a community building or a single-family house, is a fundamental aspect to take into account since the comfort inside our homes depends on it.

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Types of covers

Las cubiertas se componen de la estructura y el revestimiento. Podemos encontrar varios tipos de cubiertas en base a su inclinación.

Depending on the materials used, it can be a walkable or walkable terrace, a non-walkable terrace or a green roof.

In flat roofs, the inverted roof system is often used, which consists of placing a thermal insulator on top of the waterproofing, as opposed to what is usually done in a conventional system, to which an insulating base is first fixed, on which the waterproofing is applied.

The finishing material of the flat roofs can be from asphalt fabric, waterproof paints, tiles, floating pavement…

On pitched or sloping roofs, as well as flat roofs, we can find this type of roofs in conventional constructions in single-family houses, as well as in blocks of apartments. There are pitched roofs with 1 or multiple falls (waters). They can be covered with tiles (flat, curved or mixed), slate, stone, asphalt fabric, polyurethane, metallic materials…

Pavilion roofs are a type of pitched roof whose sides meet in a peak at their highest end. It is more typical of roofs of singular constructions, such as monumental buildings or mansions.

Curved roofs made of different materials such as iron, glass or polycarbonate.

Most common failures in roof construction and renovations

  • Calculation of the project. A roof must adapt perfectly to the shape and dimensions of the house, if the calculations are not done correctly, the roof can suffer obstructions, accumulate water.
  • The deficiency in construction, even in a subsequent renovation, is the second most common cause of roof renovations.
  • The third cause refers to the materials. Sometimes the right material is not chosen or there is a manufacturing error, so it is advisable to check the material with which we are working.
  • The lack of maintenance, which forces us to make a complete renovation. Cleaning work prevents dirt from accumulating, generating major problems.
  • Finally, external actions. The action of rain, snow, hail and other meteorological phenomena also force in many occasions to face works of reform in the cover of our home.
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Roof renovations and roof rehabilitation

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