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Home refurbishment in Mallorca

To reform a house is a very exciting process, which requires time, especially if it is integral, an economic investment and if it is not done well it can cause big headaches, as it is the place where you are going to live for a long time.

At Mad Proyect we carry out home refurbishments in Mallorca, both integral and partial, with the aim of monitoring and accompanying the client throughout the process in order to achieve the result that the client is looking for.

We also have suppliers and collaborators that allow us to offer the client a more complete home renovation service, avoiding the client going crazy visiting different suppliers to choose the bathroom tile, the kitchen worktop, etc.

This allows us not only to offer a complete and closed project, but also allows us to reduce the time needed to carry out the renovation.

Keys to home renovation in Mallorca

Mallorca is a city with spectacular landscapes, many of which are accompanied by homes that have been refurbished to ensure that tenants have the utmost comfort.

Whether with partial or integral reforms, the truth is that the results are spectacular in themselves, but even more so for merging with the beautiful coves and even for having swimming pools that merge with the sea on the horizon. Many of these works have been partial or integral, but what is the difference?

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Integral reforms

Integral home refurbishment

Integral reforms are those that lead to a total change in the house and make it look as if it has been built from scratch. Therefore, these works take longer but the results are magnificent. In addition, clients have greater freedom to decide how they want to distribute their home and bring about the change they had in mind.

This requires professional builders who ensure a good result but who also have total control over aspects such as masonry, plumbing and electricity, as well as the interior design and final finishes. This makes a house literally look like another one, with changes in the kitchen, patios, rooms and even the garden if it has one.


Partial home renovations

As the name suggests, these are works that are carried out in certain rooms of the home but do not affect the rest of the spaces. That is to say, they are reforms that can be carried out in bathrooms or kitchens, but this does not alter the rooms or other spaces further away from the home itself in any way.

In this way, to carry out these partial reforms, it is necessary to hire professionals who know how to work without altering people’s lives, as in most cases the tenants continue to live during the time the work is being carried out.

However, it must be said that this duration is shorter than with a complete renovation and that bathrooms and kitchens are the spaces most in demand for this type of work.

In short, depending on the needs and the budget we have, we will opt for a type of home renovation in Mallorca.

If you need to make a reform in your home, either integral or partial, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a free quote.

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