Change of use

Reform for change of use in Mallorca

The change of use in Mallorca from local to commercial to housing is a type of work or reform that is beginning to catch on among clients. Of course, as long as we take into account the opinion and advice of specialists, such as a lawyer, an architect or the construction company.

Advantages of change of use in Mallorca

In Mad Proyect we know the advantages of transforming a local into a house, that is why it is one of the main works that we carry out: 

  • Economic savings. The purchase of a new home or its comprehensive reform is much more expensive in economic terms, but a local already has a basic structure. The change will translate into enabling new spaces or eliminating existing ones to adapt to the preferences of each one.
  • By converting the premises into a home (apartment or loft), more habitable square meters are available to design the future house from the beginning . It is a unique space that requires a complete reform from the beginning. In line with this point, we recommend the development of a project that includes the idea to be executed.
  • The tranquility provided by a local is not the same as an apartment, since there are no neighbors and, therefore, the noise is also minimal.</li >

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Reforms for change of use

Aspects to take into account before buying or refurbishing premises for change of use

It is necessary to check the urban planning conditions (limit on the number of dwellings per hectare) of the municipality where the premises are located, since if the limit has been exceeded, the change may be a problem.

The spatial conditions must also be taken into account, since maximum and minimum lengths are required in the facade, in the free height, in the minimum useful area, in the minimum openings for ventilation, etc. In this case, it will depend on the regulations in force in the autonomous community or municipality where the property is located.

The change of premises to housing, being considered a new construction, requires the presentation of a technical project, as well as the corresponding license. For this reason, the dwelling will have to comply with the CTE (Technical Building Code) in terms of safety and health levels.

Finally, depending on the bylaws of each homeowners’ association, authorization must be requested from the rest of the owners for the change of use.

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