Construction and Refurbishments


Mad Proyect s.l. is responsible for carrying out the construction of your new home, renovation of homes or commercial premises as well as the highest quality integral reforms at your service; for this reason our work is guaranteed.

Customer service and quality construction are our strong points, as well as minimalist and clean designs, which enhance the natural environment and the beauty of the space taking care of even the smallest detail.

Integral Reforms

We plan the integral reform from start to finish according to your needs and we will accompany you throughout the process, informing you of the progress of the work.

Integral and Partial Home Reforms

We carry out home renovations, both comprehensive and partial, accompanying the client throughout the process to achieve the desired result.

Turnkey Project

Everything is managed through a contractor. Work, paperwork, delivery times and most importantly, without any cost overruns. Easy and safe first and foremost.

Alterations due to change of use

We are well aware of the advantages of converting a commercial premises into a home, which is why it is one of the main jobs we carry out.

Civil Works

As a company that offers civil works services in Mallorca, we are specialists in works with satisfaction guarantees and success.

Kitchen Reforms

We take care of carrying out the work of your new kitchen or kitchen reform, offering the highest quality and service, guaranteeing all our work.

Bathroom Reforms

The bathroom is a part of the house that is most often reformed and we are specialists in bathroom and toilet reforms. We take care of everything.

Façade Rehabilitation

In Mallorca the facades suffer a lot and wear out due to the high humidity on the island. Tell us what you need, we can help you.

Roof and Ceiling Rehabilitation

Decks and roofs are susceptible to damage from the weather and the passage of time. Don’t let the damage get worse.

Interior Design

We create unique spaces where we make the most of architectural spaces, meeting the needs of each project, adapting places and objects for different purposes. Design, lighting, architecture, regulations… and much more to achieve the ideal space.

School refurbishment

We refurbish and build educational centres in the Balearic Islands. Kindergartens, schools and institutes to achieve the best possible educational space. Adaptation to the accessibility regulations, improvement of energy efficiency, elimination of uralite roofs…

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Integral 360º

Mad Proyecto, as a construction and integral reform company, has more than 20 years of experience in offering reform services to our clients with the highest quality, thus obtaining optimum results. Thanks to this, we have managed to gradually increase all our services to be able to offer you an integral reform service in Mallorca. In this list we show you all the services that Mad Proyect offers you:


+20 years

More than 20 years dedicating ourselves with eagerness to the construction, to the integral reforms of houses and rehabilitations. We have real professionals in the sector, evolving every day with new trends, materials and technologies, so our material execution is adapted to each client.

Taking care of even the smallest detail in planning and material execution: we guarantee our work and the time to give shape to your Project with Guarantee.