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The turnkey project in Mallorca, in recent years, has aroused great interest in families and investors who wish to buy a home or reform it. Given the advantages it has, especially if we have specialized companies like ours, we can have our home, industrial building or reform in a short time and with the development of all types of work, without worries.

What should we know about this type of projects carried out in Mallorca? We explain the keys, below, so that we can understand the boom in this type of work.

What is a turnkey project in Majorca, its characteristics and main advantages

A turnkey project is one that is agreed with a contractor, who guarantees that all the procedures and work will be managed by him. So that there are no unexpected expenses or setbacks, both the deadlines and the cost of the work are agreed in advance, the latter being an important point: the single price for the work carried out. The contractor will take care of all paperwork and documents, obtain the building permits and purchase the materials, among other things.

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Turnkey project

Logically, as clients, we must allow the company access to our space, which must deliver the work in a timely manner, smoothly, correcting all defects required in the reform project presented. Something that is highly valued is that the company meets the established work times, without delays, something that is possible by meeting a delivery time of the work or reform, which is defined by contract.

Something that is highly valued is that the contracting company will take care of the work quickly. It will do this by taking over not only all the work, but also all the disciplines, i.e. it will bring together architects, workers and decorators, carrying out the work at the same time, which will save the client considerable time and money.

One of the most outstanding advantages of this project is the control that can be carried out by the client. That is, although the construction company is responsible for the project, as a client we can not only supervise, but even correct possible details or aspects as we go along. In addition, when it comes to carrying out the work, we will have a single interlocutor, without the need to contact several professionals in the trade.

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Betting on a turnkey project in Mallorca is betting on quality and safety. Trust in specialised companies like ours. In Mad Proyect S.L. we carry out this type of projects with the best professionals in the area. Contact us for more information. We offer integral solutions, adapted to your needs.